There have been many people who have served as White House Press Secretary of the years but none quite with the love of his job, his family, his country. A man who’s quiet demeanor, contagious smile love of life that couldn’t but help but brighten your day. A softspoken man who brought style and dignity in his line of work. A man who showed quiet courage while dealings in his own life did not affect his carrying on life as he loved it. We learned a lot from Tony Snow some life long lessons of what friendship means to those who were closest to the man. Tony We miss you dearly,but know that you have peace in your Savior 06/01/55-07/12/08 You’ve left a great legacy and your mark on everyone who was lucky enough to follow your career. Thanks for the Smiles!


In Loving Memory of B.M.V. 02/08/1991-07/06/2003 thinking of you on the 6th Anniversary of your Graduation to Angel You’re forever in my heart Love Your Uncle


Kiss my Ass

People we are witnessing the destruction of prosperity in this country as you have never seen. The free spending of money which started lasy October when we bailed out the banking system. We were told if we didn’t a major catastrophe would happen and lead to financial collapse. Ditto with the Auto industry, The rushing through of a 700 Billion Dollar plus with supposed shovel ready jobs. Still waiting to see all those jobs it has saved or created. Now we get to Cap and Trade, another Bill being rushed through  the House and Senate that is going to save America while only having minimal impact on the economy and only cost the average American the cost of a postage stamp daily. During his campaign speech he told of the high cost of energy under this proposed Bill. The cost to U.S. business from this is going to cost employers and anybody who consumes Carbon in the process of their daily lives over the limit set by these idiots forcing them to buy credits for going over the limits set. Guess who stands to make money on this deal, Speaker of the Hose Nancy Pelosi has large money invested in “Green Enegry” Companies Rep Ed Markey of the Markey Waxman Energy Bill also, and then you have the big fishes “Al Gore’ and G.E.  G.E.who magically owns NBC and Obama media outlet who is in his back pocket. And the only American Compnay who continues to do business with the rogue nation of Iran. Our buddies. Then you have the Dodd Kennedy Health Reform Bill. Dodd and Kennedy now there’s names you can trust. Our Goverment is failling the people even places like VT and Texas are considering  succession from the Union. The people who were elected to office and swore to Preserve and Protect the Constitution are walking all over it.Time to take this seriously friends. For life as you know it is slowing being stolen from you, freedoms that our fore fathers fought for are being erroded at an unprecidented pace. Wake up and speak up!!


Well it had to happen sooner or later the Obamamania has even hit Fox. So in their Fair and Balanced Programing they are replacing on of their long running shows… First showing to be broadcast up against ABC’s White House Informercial on Obamacare